Why Choose Us?

Because We’re Dedicated to Excellent Service

Teddy Bear Fresh Produce operates a state of the art food distribution center based in Easton, Maryland. Our mission is to provide the freshest produce while maintaining food safety practices — our facility is certified by the PrimusGFS food safety program. We are open to the public Monday through Saturday. We also provide wholesale produce and dairy to our chefs, and customers in hotels, restaurants, public school systems, colleges, health care facilities, and correctional facilities. We offer our customers support services to address day to day functions as well as participating in 3rd party audits tracking produce using Farm to Fork distribution practices. If you are looking for a fresh produce company on the Eastern Shore, look no further!

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Being on the Eastern Shore enables us to service accounts in this area with prompt delivery, fresher quality and better service. Our warehouse is temperature controlled to keep our produce at the proper temperature to ensure the peak of freshness and flavor. All of our produce is first in first out (FIFO), which is practiced daily. Our fleet of trucks are temperature controlled to ensure our produce is delivered to you at the peak of quality and freshness.

Primary NAICS & Class Codes:

  • 424410: Grocery Merchant Wholesalers
  • 424480: Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Merchant Wholesalers
  • 424430: Dairy Product Merchant Wholesalers
  • Class Code 89: Subsistence Consumable Goods
  • SCS Global Certified: Food & Safety Audit Certified
  • GMP Certified: Good Agricultural Practices
  • HACCP Certified: FDA Food Safety Certification


You can place your order by calling 410-819-8205
or by emailing orders@teddybearfresh.com.

What Makes Us Different

Teddy Bear Fresh Produce offers FREE same day and next day deliveries in our refrigerated trucks. All of our products are handled with care and stringent oversight of the quality of each product. We also do not break the “Cold Chain” so products are consistently refrigerated from the warehouse through delivery. Lastly, we are the prime supplier for numerous local farmers to distribute their locally grown produce to our customers.

We are proud to be one of the best produce providers on the Eastern Shore, so contact us for your fresh produce needs and experience the difference firsthand!

Our Mission

Its common knowledge that eating food and taking good care of yourself by eating healthy is becoming more and more important to families and all consumers. We agree…

At Teddy Bear Fresh our goal is to set the standard for quality in the products we provide, as well as, shape and maintain positive relationships with our customers. Maintain a family-oriented atmosphere. Source responsibly in all aspects. And unite with the people in our community.

Teddy Bear Fresh. Its not just a name, it’s a family tradition!